Relocating to a new studio was the perfect time to experiment with fresh bodies of work. It's been an opportunity to delve further into mould-making and slip casting, which has resulted in a range of organic-inspired lighting. A new range of tableware has also emerged from change featuring larger pieces that compliment the smaller, individual pieces. The creation of a metallic glaze brings an industrial element to the table tempered by soft, warm textural glazes oozing into the sensual grooves.

It's not just pottery that happens in the studio so don't be alarmed to spot an imprint of a spanner or some other kind of tool on your milk jug. Diversity and incongruity present us with delights we least expect. Despite the new range it's still fun to present somebody with a mixing bowl with 'whip me, beat me', stamped invitingly into the side. And so it goes.












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