Slipcast porcelain bottles with a floral focus and metallic lustre detailing. The softened jagged seams have been left on as a reminder of the mechanical process. The bottles are glazed on the inside only. Inspired by a collection of grubby old containers.

Milk 8cm high
Pricing - $30

Square 9cm
Pricing - $65

Poison 12cm
Pricing $55



Slip cast porcelain dolls are created from deconstructed plastic dolls.
Brutally dismembered and reassembled with their tattoos and text through the process of mould-making and slip casting. The dolls and doll parts may be decorated through the use of carving, inlay, text using typewriter keys and metallic lustres.

Approximately 12cm tall

Pricing from $350

Please note that as each piece is handmade, sizes and shapes may vary slightly.
GST is not payable on any items.
Postage is calculated per order and added to the total cost of all items.












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